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We have a Vision for the Church!

The Latimer Theological Institute vision is to raise up leaders in the United Episcopal Church of North America that can plant and grow classical / orthodox Anglicanism in the United States, or anywhere in the world God calls us, by growing all under their care in their walk with Jesus Christ and with the mission of the church to spread the Good News and do works of charity in their communities. Latimer Theological Institute will accomplish this by emphasizing training on the scriptures, teaching the scriptures, evangelism and church growth. We are all about teaching how to bring people into the church, growing them in the faith, and growing the community around them. Our goal is to raise up highly educated leaders for the future growth of the United Episcopal Church of North America



We Should All Be Growing In The Faith!


All of our classes are free to those in the UECNA.



We are open to all people in the UECNA. Training the Lay People is a top prority.


Holy Orders

We have degrees designed for those seeking ordination in the UECNA.



Teaching all to lead

Are your ready to step up? Baby steps! Lay training is available at all levels. We are here to help you be prepared for what ever God has called you to do. From lay reader to youth group leader.


Teaching Clergy

This is very important in the formation of clergy or lay leaders. Most of our instructors are active clergy! All have Masters Degrees. Learn from experience leaders in the church.


Online Training

We are designed for the working adult. All of our class are online. Either live or video recorded classes. You will work with a live professor every week! You will be able to fit studies in your schedule!

Points to ponder

Time is not slowing

God has a plan for you! Our growth in the church and as a Christian requires ever advancement in our walk. From one level to the next. If your are not growing then you are stagnant. Time to move to the next level, time to advance in your involvement in church!

Your Service

Where is god leading you?

God has been calling you, have you picked up the phone? Are you listening to your calling? God can point you in the right direction, but you have to follow the path He has laid out for you. Now is the time to follow your path, all it takes is one step!

Your Service

All right from your home

What are you waiting for? It could not be any easier! Sit on your couch and watch a video or tune into a live class. Class work is designed for the woring adult. Yes you do have to read a book and answer some questions. But, course work is a couple of hours a week.

Your Service

Men in Black!

"It is the only suit you will ever wear" This is not a easy calling. However, the rewards are great! Latimer recognizes this fact, we are here to help you discern that path. You may have many question and concerns. It doesn't happen over night! We produce results!

Your Service

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712 W. Main Street
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